Measuring the 
holistic value of 
arts and culture 

Pipilotti Rist: Sip my Ocean, MCA Kids Opening, 2017, photograph: Daniel Boud

The Culture Counts online survey platform empowers arts and cultural organisations to evaluate the impact of their programs and events.

Our platform is designed around Culture Counts’ Six-Step Evaluation Process – a Theory of Change methodology we are passionate about. Why? The process helps organisations effectively turn insights into actions and to tell a better story with data. Culture Counts has helped arts and cultural organisations to:

  • Measure and understand the unique impact of their events and programs
  • Tell richer stories about their importance in society
  • Attract greater support and resources
  • Benchmark their organisation across the industry with 100+ standardised outcome metrics
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It inspired my own creativity
It gave me a greater respect for cultural diversity
It challenged me to think in a different way
Client stories: Perth Festival

In the lead up to the 2018 Festival, Perth Festival engaged Culture Counts to establish an evaluation framework that measures the event's unique impact on its audience members and stakeholders, in an aim to quantify the significant artistic, cultural, place-based, social and economic outcomes that the Festival achieves with its diverse program each year. “This is Perth’s Festival’s second year using the Culture Counts model, and it has become a central part of our organisational planning. We now have a better understanding of our audiences, where they come from, why they engage with us and how we can continue to engage with them in the future.”

Nathan Bennet, 
Executive Director, 
Perth Festival

See how Culture Counts works for Arts and Culture
Access Arts
In this two minute video we hear from Access Arts about measuring the value their work adds to people's lives.
Measure what matters with Surveys
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  • Design your survey in minutes in the user-friendly dashboard
  • Measure your impact with self/peer-assessor and pre/post event survey templates
  • Select from 100+ academically designed and standardised outcome metrics
  • Share your survey with your team using multiple export formats
  • Survey your audience with multiple online distribution channels
Culture Counts sample survey for Arts
Shareable insights with Reporting
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  • View your survey responses in real-time
  • Easily interpret data with automated reports
  • Share your data with multiple export formats
  • Effortlessly produce professional reports with automated reporting
  • Plus, showcase your data with customised Online Insights Reports
Culture Counts sample survey for Arts
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New technologies offering simple solutions to long-term challenges
Georgia Moore

Georgia Moore, 5 June 2017

New technologies offering simple solutions to long-term challenges

Cultural managers and practitioners increasingly seek to understand and measure the impact of their projects on communities. This is important for best practice operation and ensuring the responsible use of public funds, and is increasingly demanded by funding bodies and decision-makers.

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